Army of Darkness

This page is dedicated to one of my favorite movies of all time, it is a great cross between those horror movies I love and all the comedies anyone has ever loved.


Of course Ash (Bruce Campbell) will be victorious once again, because he is the guy with the gun!

(note, most of the links are to sound clips from the movie, but the ED2 link is to an Evil Dead 2 page)

In Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness, Bruce Campbell returns as the likable Ash. This time, Ash must battle the army of darkness with one arm. Once again, the special effects and makeup were extraordinary. There were animated skeletons, body parts chopped off, and even a scene where Ash is portrayed with two heads (similar to siamese twins). Good special effects in a horror movie usually means a lot of gore, and this movie had plenty of it.


This third installment in the Evil Dead series picks up with Ash as a captive regaling us with his unbelievable story (ED2). The setting is the 14th century and Ash is trapped in it with only his car, his shotgun, and his chainsaw. In order to get back to his own time, Ash must bring back the Necronomicom, an ancient book with great power. When Ash finds the book, he must say three magical words. Ash is taken prisoner, mistaken for one of Duke Henry's men. Who, along with others is also taken captive by King Arthur. The prisoners are to be thrown into a pit which contains deadites. The first prisoner lasts but a few seconds before having his blood sprayed all over. Ash is next in the pit, but he stands his ground against the Evil and crawls out of the pit. This heroic feat gains Ash some respect. Our Hero then goes on a quest to find the Book of the Dead, because it is the only thing that will get him back home to his own time. When Ash finds the book, he must say three magical words. Unfortunately, he says the words wrong. As a result, the army of darkness is released. Now, Ash must lead his inexperienced army of men to victory as the battle between the humans and the army of darkness is underway, and in the end, the humans are victorious against the army of darkness. The screen fades back to S-Mart with an evil demon showing up wanting to eat Ash's soul, he makes quick work of this demon, and Army of Darkness ends.

Due to the many laughs and silliness of it, the movie remained entertaining from start to finish. Overall, Army of Darkness was a very light horror movie that was dominated mostly with jokes and silly events. It was a great movie, and that is why I think that it is one of the best movies of all time.

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