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Ported Software/Programs/Languages/Etc.

Most of the common Unix tools and programs have been ported to Linux, including almost all of the GNU stuff and many X clients from various sources. Actually, ported is often too strong a word, since many programs compile out of the box without modifications, or only small modifications, because Linux tracks POSIX quite closely. Unfortunately, there are not very many end-user applications at this time, but recently, this has begun to change. Here is an incomplete list of software that is known to work under Linux.

Basic Unix commands:

ls, tr, sed, awk and so on (you name it, Linux probably has it).

Development tools:

gcc, gdb, make, bison, flex, perl, rcs, cvs, prof.

Languages and Environments:

C, C++, Objective C, Modula-3, Modula-2, Oberon, ADA, Pascal, Fortran, ML, scheme, Tcl/tk, Perl, Python, Common Lisp, and many others.

Graphical environments:

X11R5 (XFree86 2.x), X11R6 (XFree86 3.x), MGR.


GNU Emacs, Lucid Emacs, MicroEmacs, jove, ez, epoch, elvis (GNU vi), vim, vile, joe, pico, jed, and others.


bash (POSIX sh-compatible), zsh (includes ksh compatiblity mode), pdksh, tcsh, csh, rc, es, ash (mostly sh-compatible shell used as /bin/sh by BSD), and many more.


Taylor (BNU-compatible) UUCP, SLIP, CSLIP, PPP, kermit, szrz, minicom, pcomm, xcomm, term (runs multiple shells, redirects network activity, and allows remote X, all over one modem line), Seyon (popular X-windows communications program), and several fax and voice-mail (using ZyXEL and other modems) packages are available. Of course, remote serial logins are supported.

News and mail:

C-news, innd, trn, nn, tin, smail, elm, mh, pine, etc.


TeX, groff, doc, ez, Linuxdoc-SGML, and others.


Nethack, several Muds and X games, and lots of others. One of those games is looking through all the games available at tsx-11 and sunsite.


AUIS, the Andrew User Interface System. ez is part of this suite.

All of these programs (and this isn't even a hundredth of what is available) are freely available. Commercial software is becoming available, ask the vendor of your favorite package if they support Linux.

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